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Greenscape Walls Vertical Gardens
Vertical Garden Green Wall With Flowers


Welcome to our process page, here you can find information on everything you need to know from installation through to maintenance of your green wall.

What is the installation process?

The first step in the green wall process is to view the proposed space where the green wall is to be located and identify the characteristics of the area in which the plants will need to live including natural light, temperature and how the space is used by others. 


The use of a space plays an important role in the style of plants we choose, for example, if we were installing a green wall in a narrow corridor we would select plants that grow relatively close to the wall so as not to impede on the space too much. Alternatively, in a dining area or larger open space we can create a more dramatic look with plants that protrude out from the wall and into the surrounding space.


Upon request, we can provide an artist’s impression on what the green wall may look like in the selected space. 


Once the plant species have been chosen, we plant out the growing panels with juvenile plant stock and get them established into the plant pockets in a controlled environment within our hothouse.


While the plants are growing, we construct the steel frame which will act not only as a frame for the entire wall but also as the water catchment for the irrigation process. The irrigation requirement is determined by the size of the wall and all components are ordered ready for install.


Once the plants are established and the frame is complete, we travel to site to start the installation process. This process involves hanging the frame, fitting off each individual plant panel, and installation of the irrigation system. The automated irrigation timer is set and the green wall is complete.

What is the timeline for installation?

At Greenscape Walls, we understand the importance of providing a seamless and efficient installation process for our clients. Once a project is approved by the client, we typically estimate a timeline of approximately 12 weeks for the installation to be completed. This timeline takes into consideration various factors that contribute to the successful establishment and growth of our green walls.

While the installation timeline of 12 weeks may vary depending on the specific requirements of each project, it is a general estimate that we provide to give clients an idea of the expected timeframe. We believe in providing realistic timelines to manage expectations and deliver a high-quality end product.


Care and maintenance

Care and maintenance of the green walls installed by Greenscape Walls are designed to be minimal, allowing clients to enjoy the beauty and benefits of their green wall with ease. Our green walls are specifically chosen and designed to require minimal upkeep while still thriving and flourishing in their environment. However, we do offer a maintenance service/contract that is a popular choice among many of our clients.

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