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Greenscape Walls Vertical Gardens

Greenscape Walls is a Hobart based company creating unique vertical green walls. It was a natural progression for us with our combined skill sets in horticulture and landscaping, enabling us to bring more green life to some spaces we otherwise couldn’t. We have over 45 years of combined industry experience and pride ourselves on delivering a high-end product that inspires others.

When working with Greenscape Walls, clients can expect a customer experience that is friendly, interactive, and flexible. Our team genuinely loves what we do. Each project is individual and unique, and we enjoy working with our clients to build a shared vision.

A bit about us

Green walls can be installed in many places such as offices, building foyers, courtyards, front facades, and backyards. Our team will meet with you to customise a green wall suitable for your space.

Greenscape Walls can create an otherwise tired or blank space into a living, growing environment that is forever evolving, giving seasonal change in colours and flowers throughout the year. We see our green walls like pieces of art on a wall.

However indoor plants are not just decorative, research suggests there are a variety of benefits; they lower stress, create positivity, increase productivity and creativity, reduce noise, and improve the health and wellbeing of others. Living plants that are happy and well maintained are efficient in reducing toxins and pollutants whilst

improving the overall quality of the indoor environment.

What are green walls?

Vertical Garden Green Wall


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