Health & Acoustic Benefits

Plants are not just decorative

The benefits of indoor plants are endless; not only are they decorative, creating a contemporary workplace, but as research suggests, living plants are beneficial in the reduction of potentially harmful gasses and aid the improvement of air quality, boosting productivity and improving all aspects of the workplace environment.

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Indoor plants that are happy and well maintained are extremely efficient in reducing toxins and pollutants whilst improving the overall quality of the indoor environment.

Working in a green environment brings people together, creating feelings of wellbeing, relaxation, inspiration and positivity.

Air Quality

Just one or two plants will significantly increase the quality of your air
by 25%.

The average person spends 90% of their time indoors - the problem is indoor air pollution - toxic fumes, carbon monoxide and countless other harmful gases. 

The good news is that all plants absorb and clean pollutants from the air.

Clean & Green

Each GREENscape Wall contains ample numbers of plants to ensure the best possible solution to improving air quality.

A single plant removes a portion of airborne toxins and with each additional plant this increases.

GREENscape Walls contain many plants, all of which filter sir and create energy-rich oxygen. 


GREENscape Walls contain a large number of plants which substantially improve the acoustic energy in rooms by absorbing, reflecting and refracting sounds, softening echoes, noise and music in your work and living spaces.

Plants and trees are used as barriers against urban noise pollution, GREENscape Walls use this concept to take noise reduction inside as they insulate against vibrations and reverberation to reduce sound pollution.  

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